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Fossilized Seabed Ripples

This evening, my mother and I watched Andy Goldsworthy's film Rivers and Tides -
- lots of very truly beautiful images - I especially like the lines of the walls and leaf chains, but then I am a line obsessive!
There is a part where he says he is capturing the movement of a pool of fresh water meeting sea water really struck me.
I thought about movements and the idea of freezing a moment in a sculpture or drawing.
One movement I love is the surface of the sea as it washes over itself on the shore and out at sea.
It's something I've tried to capture before but could never quite get - I mused aloud over this and my mother pointed out that fossilized seabeds are the closest thing to capturing that movement -
I'd love to own a piece of that, or to cast it in silver, like Maya Lin's Yangtze River -
I can't actually find a photo online - it's truly beautiful - the shape of the Yangtze River cast in silver.

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