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Kiln Fired Glass

During my very early preparations-for-uni and general life planning fest, I decided to make my own soap dish and butter dish using my mother's glass kiln and help.

Scratching out a few flower shapes as planning
I've got such a fixation with red these days - not sure why but I just can't get enough - sitting here in my bright red tee! Also, I think it looks great with pale creamy yellow - the colour of butter - so perfect for my butter dish!

The dish, post firing, pre slumping
Then I laid out my bright red flower based shapes between two plates of clear glass.
To get the thin shapes, we used glass which is made by blowing a huge bubble of glass and breaking it.
The result - beautifully thin and delicate shards of glass.
Once it's been slumped, I'll test run it with a pack of finest butter and post the final result.
Next project: the soap dish -
I think I'll match it to my favourite shampoo bottles -

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