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Piano Hangers + Paper Lights

Following on from yesterday's preparing-for-leaving fest involving ebay searching le creuset cookware, I've been looking around at all sorts of things for my future home - forward planning, moi?
Patrick Seha's Piano Hanger is, well, a hanger.
Is this not just stunning? I want, nay, need this in my life. I can hang all my coats and scarves (living in Scotland is just great sometimes) - even soggy shoes from being out in the rain (gotta love Scotland) can hang on the low ones until dry!
Now, how to figure out making one...
I think my life would be complete if I could just have this and a Polia Wall Sconce -
I've always loved flicking paper out like this and now here is that shape, so graceful and simple, preserved as a light. Some people are just genii. Manuel Vivian is one of them.

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